We love new technology and believe that using technology correctly can change the world and make people’s lives better.

For our company the blockchain is that technology. We have been working for over 3 years in the digital finance and assets field. We started with crypto trading activity, where our main principles were security and reliability.

Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency, we started with it and learned how to provide the most stable trading service possible to customers.

That’s how the BTC.Secure brand was born, since Bitcoin is the symbol of the blockchain and everything related to it, you can consider our brand name to mean “Digital currency and assets in good hands”

The goal of BTC.Secure is:

Raise the bar for communication and exchange of valuable assets using blockchain technology.

Right now BTC.Secure is a staking provider (validator). We support a reliable infrastructure of Minter, Terra and IRIS with a total stake

about $10 000 000 from ~1 000 customers,

who trust us with their digital assets.

We are legally registered in the USA as BTC.Secure Inc. in the state of Delaware and we act with full compliance with the law, which matters a lot in the crypto industry, where blockchain companies are often in a grey area or don’t exist at all.

We work with the online bank Mercury from San Francisco, which specializes with technological startups and helps us deal with finance in the most efficient way possible to provide our customers with the most reliable staking service possible.

Staking doesn’t imply direct control over customers’ funds, but it does imply that we, as the staking provider, are required to support a 100% functional infrastructure under any amount of pressure in the blockchain. Since it’s our activity that decides how fast and stable the blockchain will work, and consequentially, our customers’ income.

The USA has the most compatible law with the crypto industry, that’s why we, like many of the more successful projects, are located there.

This further emphasizes our high standards:

Reliability and security with no strings attached.

Aside from being a staking provider, we also have the experience of 5 hackathons on Minter with winning places and the development of 3 blockchain projects.

In our ambitions we focus on improving the Minter blockchain, which brings the concept of the Internet of Money to life.

We put all our trust in the success of Minter, and thanks to our experience with it, as well as blockchain technology and crypto in general, we decided to give you an opportunity to learn more about it here, at BTC.Secure Learn.

Explore and use digital currency, assets and the blockchain technology at its best and most modern on Minter, have more freedom with BTC.Secure.

Learn the 14 reasons why around 1000 delegates have chosen us👇


Best wishes,

Konstantin Meleshkin

Founder and CEO of BTC.Secure

We have an active Telegram channel, where we regularly post updates on our activity in the Minter blockchain, subscribe and stay in touch😎

You can get any answers to any remaining questions at the Telegram group.

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