About Minter

About Minter


Minter is a blockchain based on the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm. Its goal is to speed up transactions and generation of blocks without putting the decentralized structure of the blockchain at risk. This so-called “democracy technology” is very reliable and much more efficient than many others.

Minter embodies the concept of the Internet of Money. With Minter, anyone can create their own coin quickly and easily. The Minter 2 upgrade has made these coins interoperable with those issued on other platforms (Ethereum, Binance, etc.), including BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. Aside from cryptocurrencies and digital assets, Minter 2 lets users work with stocks (for example, Tesla), gold, oil, and other traditional assets.

In Minter, there’s a role for everyone

  • Coiner — you can release a coin for your business, blog, or anything else you may think of. In Minter, it is all accomplished in a few clicks.
  • Delegator — by bonding your coins, you contribute to the evolution of the network. A delegator “ties” their coins to a validator, showing their support at the same time (democracy principle). For this contribution, the delegator receives rewards in Minter’s native coin BIP. More information here.
  • Validator — you can become the owner of a masternode, which presents its infrastructure to maintain the reliability, security, and decentralization of the network. For resource investment, the masternode owner gets a pre-set percentage of delegations as a reward. More information here.
  • Trader — you can make a profit by trading coins across liquidity pools and exchanges, just make sure you account for exchange rate fluctuations. Some may think that supporting the network is pointless, but traders are actually the most important factor in keeping markets liquid. More about that here.
  • Liquidity provider — on Minter 2, you can create liquidity pools or join them so that other participants of the market (including beginners) could easily swap one coin for another, and you, earn on transaction fees. More information here.
  • Developer — you can develop your own project, support an existing one, or implement functionality in your products, improving and advancing them.

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