Minter’s advantages

Minter’s advantages


#1 All popular digital assets in one place

The Minter blockchain fully implements the Internet of Money concept.

Minter combines all possible digital assets in one technically advanced blockchain, which is global-mass-adoption-ready*.

With a single Minter wallet, you can interact with:

  • Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, UNI, BNB, and others)
  • Digitized national currencies (USDC, USDT, and others)
  • Assets (stocks, gold, oil)
  • Branded money (loyalty points, rewards)
  • Various tokens (rights, votes, security tokens, utility tokens)

The list of digital assets will expand to thousands of possible options.

Minter as a Digital Assets Marketplace —

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • Global access to digital assets in one place — it’s convenient. Minter best solves the problems of users who want to engage with digital assets.
  • In practice, everything is fast, profitable, reliable, and simple for users. We will discuss these points in more detail in the following posts.
  • Banks, e-wallets, and exchanges can use Minter as a single secure solution for easy and reliable access to the market of digital currencies and assets.

* Millions of transactions per day, was proven in December 2020.

#2 Instant exchange of digital assets in your wallet

All digital assets available in Minter can be freely exchanged for one another in any Minter wallet.

To do this, you need to select the asset you wish to purchase and the asset to be exchanged, as well as the amount.

The exchange will be made instantly in 24/7/365 mode with a speed of less than 5 seconds under the best market conditions, and its cost will be only $0.03+0.2%.

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • With Minter, swapping digital assets no longer requires being registered on exchanges and OTCs or using them, which greatly simplifies the task for end users.
  • Exchange operations are performed around the clock with the reliability of the blockchain, which guarantees their execution and full transparency.
  • The best market exchange conditions, low costs, and instant transactions are simply profitable.

#3 Sending any digital asset to an e-mail address, in any volume and anywhere in the world

In Minter, you can instantly transfer any digital asset to an e-mail address at a fee of $0.01 (fixed for any amount).

To make a transfer, just enter the recipient’s e-mail address and the amount. The recipient may not even have a previously created wallet — and will still receive the transfer, of which they will be notified via e-mail.

The recipient can use the received amount immediately:

  • Swap for another digital asset ($0.03+0.2%), for example, to buy shares.
  • Send ($0.01).
  • Purchase digital goods and services — there are more than 20,000 of them already (Apple Music, Spotify, XBOX, and so on) — or top up their mobile phone.

It is easy for anyone to create their own wallet in Minter

You may also use a MinterID invite if you have a Google account —

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • All major digital assets of the world (currencies, crypto, stocks, gold, oil, and thousands more) available 24/7/365 for transfers globally.
  • Easy registration of a Minter wallet by e-mail, which is available to every smartphone user.
  • Sending transfers to those who have never had a wallet before and are not familiar with digital assets and money.
  • Transfers on the Minter network are cost-efficient ($0.01) and lightning-fast (~5 seconds).
  • No one can block an account, cancel payments, or charge money for something at their own discretion.
  • Using e-mail gives you a certain level of anonymity and security (depending on the e-mail provider, activated security features, and password strength).

#4 Everything is fast, almost instant⚡️

All operations on Minter are performed so quickly that soon after getting started, you literally forget that it can be somehow different.

Click the button (send/exchange) → immediately see the result (confirmation of a successful operation).

Need to make an urgent payment, transfer to another person, or swap a digital asset? It will take less than 5 seconds at any time of day or night.

You just stop thinking about the waiting time⌚️

At the same time, all operations are final and do not require waiting for “confirmations” of the network, as is often the case with other chains. No one will wait at the checkout for tens of seconds and even more minutes🐌

Practice shows that people are willing to wait about 5 seconds at the time of making a payment at the checkout. This is how long it really takes to pay with a bank card, it has already become a habit and is not noticed at all.

And the name of the native utility token of the Minter network is read as BEEP, like the sound on the POS terminal when the payment has passed (“beep”).

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • Instant payments, transfers, and swaps on Minter are very convenient, allowing you to save time — the most valuable resource that people have.
  • Operations are final, which makes Minter as reliable as possible, and this is especially important when working with money and assets.
  • For traders, speed means even more: instant swaps are simply profitable and increase the income from transactions.

#5 Low fees, fixed in $

Sending any kind of digital currencies and assets on the Minter network costs only $0.01, regardless of the volume.

The swaps cost $0.03+0.2% if a token or coin has no reserve in BIP, and only $0.03 if it does.

The fees are denominated and fixed in the U.S. Dollar💸, which is the most understandable currency for people around the world.

In Minter, you always know exactly how much you will pay, and you don’t have to worry about the transaction fee.

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • Low, fixed fees allow you to make small instant transfers without significant operating costs.
  • On the other hand, it is cost-efficient to make large transfers, because the fee for any volume is just $0.01.
  • Due to the $ peg, everyone understands the cost of any operation on the blockchain, and this is very convenient.
  • Business gets predictability in terms of prices and can forget about volatility.

#6 Pay your fees with any coin or token

Low fees fixed in $ is great, but it gets even better when you can pay them with any coin or token on Minter, including digital assets transferred from other networks.

The issue of paying transaction fees is still a headache for users of many cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms (especially Ethereum). For example, when there are tokens in the wallet, but they cannot be transferred until the balance is replenished with a digital asset used to pay fees (for example, ETH).

That is, you have money or assets, but you can not use them even if their value is enough to pay any transaction fee😭

In Minter, the fee for sending transfers, swapping assets, and other transactions is charged in any digital asset available in the wallet. You don’t even have to choose which coin or token to pay the transaction fee with, the wallet will do it itself. That’s how simple and convenient it is.

Sending USDT? Pay a $0.01 fee in USDT, and in less than 5 seconds, the money will be with the recipient.

You can send a Tesla share by paying a fee in Tesla shares😎

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • With Minter, you can forget about the “gas” problem and perform necessary operations in almost any situation.
  • Paying transaction fees with any assets significantly saves money and time.

#7 Everyone can fully participate in the Decentralized Economy (DeFi)

In Minter, the most basic ways of participating in the decentralized economy are available directly from the user’s wallet: lending and borrowing, deposits, currency & asset exchanges and provision of liquidity to make those happen, staking and farming.

In a single wallet, where there are no restrictions on transactions, the maximum number of financial capabilities of blockchains is collected: Minter, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.

Interaction with all the services of “decentralized” earnings in Minter takes place through a simple interface that even “grandmas” will understand, and at the same time, the technological advantages of the blockchain are used in all their glory. As a result, users make instant guaranteed transactions conveniently and profitably.

To participate in the DeFi services based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, the BIPx token is used, the price of which is always 1:1 with BIP. This does not require additional actions and everything happens “on the fly” so that even “grandmas” can earn in DeFi.

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • All the opportunities to earn money in DeFi across 3 blockchain platforms at once (Minter, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain) through one simple Minter wallet.
  • The best DeFi services in the Minter wallet catalog, hand-picked by experts.
  • To participate in the DeFi services from Ethereum and BSC, you do not need a separate wallet and BIP can be converted into BIPx on the fly.
  • Interaction with Minter-based DeFi services with instant and final transactions, low fees, and easy payment in any digital currency and asset.

#8 Scaling the Ethereum blockchain

The Ethereum network now has more than 1 million transactions per day, and it is the most popular blockchain in DeFi and token issuance. It ranks 2nd on CoinMarketCap by capitalization (~$200 billion).

But technologically, Ethereum was not ready for this, so the network has a high cost and low transaction speed.

The average fee for sending ETH in 2021 ranges from $3.3 to $43😕 At the same time, sending any ERC-20 token (USDT, BNB, UNI, etc.) costs from $10 to $132😣 Exchanges in Uniswap (a popular DeFi service) cost as much as $31 to $409😭 Yes, such wild fees exist: sending ERC-20 tokens is 3 times more expensive, and swapping them is 9.5 times more expensive than sending ETH.

The speed is from 1 hour at the lowest fee (may be better, but still minutes) and up to ~1 minute at a surcharge of +40% for “fast” sending.

And all fees in Ethereum are paid strictly in ETH. If there is not enough ETH on the balance, you will not be able to send or swap other tokens.

Minter solves all these problems and makes it possible to transfer any tokens from/to Ethereum to speed up operations, reduce their cost, and make it easier to manage digital currencies and assets.

From the Minter wallet, you can deposit and withdraw assets from and to Ethereum, without any restrictions, in a single transaction, completely decentralized.

Users of Ethereum can easily move their operations to a fast and efficient blockchain in order to save their tokens and stop suffering from low speed, high fees, and complex interaction with the wallet.

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • All transactions on Minter, be it sending or swapping, are made in less than 5 seconds. Almost instantly.
  • Low fixed $ cost of transfers ($0.01) and swaps ($0.03 + 0.2%), which is much more profitable than in Uniswap (with fees of $31 + 0.3%).
  • Transactions on Minter are immediately final in 1 block, and you do not need to wait for additional confirmations.
  • Transfers and exchanges are easier to make, as you do not need to set up Gas Price and Gas Limit. Everything happens simply and predictably, and there will be no situation where the transaction is not accepted by the network, as is often the case with Ethereum.
  • The transaction fee on Minter is paid with any currency or asset, for example, a USDC token transferred from Ethereum (or any other one) can be used to pay the fee for any transaction.
  • Transferring tokens from/to Ethereum is very simple and is performed in a single transaction.

#9 Integration with Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) appeared six months ago, and it already makes more than 2 million transactions daily, mainly due to DeFi services and the transfer of tokens from other blockchains. The native BNB utility token ranks 3rd on CoinMarketCap by capitalization (~$45 billion).

The BSC blockchain is fully compatible with Ethereum, but has improved technical characteristics.

The fee for sending BNB and BEP-20 tokens (similar to ERC-20 on Ethereum) is on average $0.05–$0.12 and can go even higher😕 Exchanges in PancakeSwap (a popular DeFi service) cost as much as $0.3–$0.5 and can reach $10😣

The speed of generating new blocks on BSC is about 5 seconds, but it is recommended to wait about 1 minute for the final confirmation of the transaction.

All fees on Binance Smart Chain are paid exclusively in BNB. Everything is like in Ethereum here, you need to have a native utility token in your wallet to pay any fee (BNB in the case of BSC). If there is no BNB in your wallet, no actions can be performed.

Yes, BSC reduces user costs (fees, time) compared to Ethereum, but Minter takes user interaction with Binance Smart Chain tokens to a whole new level.

As with Ethereum, the Minter wallet allows you to deposit and withdraw assets from and to the Binance Smart Chain, without any restrictions, in a single transaction and completely decentralized.

Binance Smart Chain users can increase the speed of their transactions, reduce their cost, and easily interact with all their digital assets from one convenient wallet in Minter.

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • All transactions on Minter are made instantly, in less than 5 seconds, and are immediately final. You do not need to wait for additional confirmations.
  • Low fixed $ cost of transfers ($0.01), instead of floating $0.05+, and swaps ($0.03 + 0.2%), which is several times more profitable than in PancakeSwap (with the fees of $0.3–$10 + 0.2%).
  • Predictable transaction price with guaranteed network acceptance. To successfully send a transaction, you do not need to choose Gas Price and Gas Limit or hope that the wallet developers have made an adequate adjustment to the fee level. This makes it very easy to interact with digital currencies and assets, especially for beginners.
  • Payment of transaction fees in any Minter-powered currency or asset. You do not need to keep a special token in your wallet and can pay with what you transfer or exchange.
  • You can transfer tokens from/to the Binance Smart Chain in one transaction.

#10 Tens of millions of transactions daily

In connection with the integration of Minter with the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, a reasonable question arises: Will Minter withstand millions of transactions daily now, and what will happen when the transaction count goes to tens of millions? And the answer here is Yes😎

The concept of the Internet of Money implies that digital currencies and assets from different blockchains can be simultaneously located on a single chain, while everything should be simple, fast, cost-efficient, and reliable.

The Minter blockchain is initially designed for processing up to 10,000 transactions in one block (~5 seconds), and this is up to 172 million different operations per day, such as sending from wallet to wallet or swapping one asset for another.

Of course, this speed is not the final limit, and closer to the moment when there is a need to expand the bandwidth, Minter will be able to become even faster in its next upgrades thanks to the work of the team that created and continues to develop the blockchain.

The current bandwidth is more than enough to transfer all current digital currencies and assets to Minter, and there will still be a reserve for the future, because the field of digital finance is still in its infancy.

As part of a stress test on the main network, Minter has proved that it can make tens of millions of transfers per day on a public chain.

Why Minter🔥 & BIP🚀?

  • Minter has enough bandwidth with a rate of ~2,000 transactions per second to provide instant execution of transactions of the most popular blockchains combined.
  • The bandwidth in Minter is not theoretical, but proved in the stress test of the main network that took place in December 2020.
  • There is a great reserve for the future in terms of the speed of the blockchain, and Minter is ready for mass use, meaning every user can instantly perform their operations at any time of day or night.

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