BTC.Secure validator

BTC.Secure validator


BTC.Secure is a company and a staking provider (validator) of the same name on 3 DPoS blockchains: Minter, Terra, and IRISnet.

On Minter, we launched two validators — BTC.Secure and BTC.Secure 2.0 with the following public keys:



BTC.Secure 2.0

By delegating, you agree to the Staking Services Agreement.

Here are the 15 reasons why we have been chosen by around 1 000 delegators:

  1. One of the first validators on Minter that had a lot of experience with testnets in October 2018. We successfully completed a batch of Minter stress tests in December 2018, which improved the blockchain by the time it launched.
  2. Legally registered as BTC.Secure Inc. in Delaware and operate purely within the U.S. law, using banking services from Mercury (California) and paying all the necessary taxes for digital currency and assets.
  3. Our activity is public and transparent, we don’t hide under “cat” avatars. Interviews and presentations with company representatives are available on YouTube. It’s easy to contact us and get answers for all your questions in DMs from representatives (@KonstantinB2S, @asp1n) or in the group.
  4. We host a Telegram channel where we regularly update the public on our activity on Minter, and in the group you can always ask questions and get answers from community members and representatives.
  5. We always provide feedback and answers to questions in our group or messages sent directly to our team account on Telegram.
  6. The optimal validator fee of 10% allows us to maintain a reliable infrastructure now and in the future. We use reliable and resilient equipment that accounts for the volatility of the market (BIP price fluctuations). We passed the price check even when BIP was worth $0.001–0.002, we held up a reliable infrastructure and successfully passed the stress test of the mainnet in December 2020.
  7. We only use high-level dedicated servers in our validator infrastructure, distributed across different data centers with 24/7 maintenance.
  8. Our validators have a stable uptime of 99.99%+ thanks to our own monitoring and protection system with triple redundancy for the highest reliability. We quickly complete blockchain updates.
  9. The infrastructure is protected from:
    • Transaction spam
    • DDoS attacks
    • Hacker attacks
    • Physical access to equipment
    • Power outages
    • Internet outages or instability
    • Equipment malfunction
  10. We maintain a loyalty program since Minter launched, which allows the validator fee to be lowered by 50% for the entire delegated stake. 222 delegators have used this opportunity and they get fee cashbacks daily straight to their wallets.
  11. We created the first custom coin on Minter, BTCSECURE. BTCSECURE delegators have the best conditions when it comes to validator fee, provided by the loyalty program. BTCSECURE is in the top 9 coins of Minter, with a reserve of approximately 17.8M BIP.
  12. We approach every Minter update vote carefully and we provide our delegators with our stance on every change before making a decision.
  13. We actively take part in testnets for upcoming Minter updates, we prepare the infrastructure and security system beforehand to fit in the update timeframe, guaranteeing stable validator functionality and penalty protection after the update.
  14. We created and keep enriching BTC.Secure Learnour own knowledge database to help delegators and general Minter users.
  15. We guarantee 100% validation stability, which is based on the agreement under which we are responsible for the stakes of our delegators (100% Service Level Agreement).

Our actions keep proving that with us, you’re always secure.

Learn how you can become a BTC.Secure delegator and receive rewards from Minter staking every 60 minutes👇

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