Profit calculation

Profit calculation

Delegating their coins, every user wants to know what level of reward they should expect, how much and how often. Below we’ll try to give you the tools necessary to answer those questions.

What’s the reward?

You’ll receive rewards in Minter’s base coin — BIP.

If your delegated stake isn’t in the coin’s native coin, but rather a custom coin, it has a delegation price (you can view it at, this price is what the delegation rewards will be coming from.


For example, you delegate 2 000 000 BTCSECURE, the delegation price is 0,04141 BIP (rounded down to 5 characters after the period), then 2 000 000 x 0,04141 = ~82 820 BIP.

The rewards will be for 82 820 BIP.

This price may also be viewed on BIP Wallet


How often do rewards come in?

Delegates receive rewards for every created block (~5 seconds), but for convenience the wallet updates it every 60 minutes.

For example, if you get 5 BIP for a transaction block, your wallet will receive 3600 BIP in 60 minutes (720 blocks generate in 60 minutes).

How do i calculate my approximate income for a day, a week, a month?

There are multiple ways to do so:

Using the Telegram bot Minter Info Bot


The approximate income for a day/week/month is calculated with the implication of redelegation of the received rewards.

As an example, let’s say we have a stake of 1 000 000 BIP.

  • Reward for 1 minute: ~0,86 BIP
  • Reward for 1 day: ~1 238 BIP
  • Reward for 7 days: ~ 8 687 BIP
  • Reward for 30 days: ~ 37 749 BIP
  • Optimal redelegation amount: ~ 3 149 BIP
  • Optimal redelegation period: 2 days 13 hours

You can subscribe for free to receive notifications for when the optimal redelegation is due.

Using the official graph on Minter Explorer

  • Paste your wallet address into the search bar and click Go
  • Select the Rewards tab
  • Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a profitability graph for the last ~6 months

If you redelegate the rewards on time, you can calculate profitability for a day, a week or a month quite accurately.

Using the calculator from BTC.Secure

  • Select BTC.Secure or BTC.Secure 2.0 (no difference at the moment, both validators have a 10% fee)
  • Press Delegate
  • Drag the slider according to your stake (equivalent in BIP)

This calculator has some special properties:

  • The profit is calculated for a validator fee of 10%
  • Stake size scaled by 1 000 BIP
  • The stake size on the forecast ranges from 1 000 to 1 000 000 BIP

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