Using Minter

Using Minter


Thanks to the transaction speed and low fees, Minter can be quite flexible.

  1. You can pay for goods and services with BIP, you can use this already working project:
  2. With time this catalogue will be expanded and more similar services will keep popping up, it’s easy, fast and convenient.

  3. BIP can be used as a way to transfer money between regions, sending money to any point in the world in an instant with a laughable fee. All you need is a wallet:
  4. icon

    BIP Wallet: iOS / Android

  5. Minter allows creation of custom coins, supported by a reserve in BIP, that can instantly be converted back to BIP or any other coin in the network. Creation of coins without a reserve is also possible, they can be supplied later or burned. All of these features make Minter a great platform for creators and project founders. You can also use your own tokens to improve and optimize your business or blog. You can find out more about coin creation in this document and on this page.

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