Minting an mAsset

Minting an mAsset

Mint is the tab where you can release a new mirrored asset token (mAsset) by specifying its collateral ratio.

To release an mAsset you should:

  • Select a collateral token — UST or another mAsset (UST for example)
  • Choose an mAsset you want to mint (mTSLA for example)
  • Specify the collateral
  • Specify a c-ratio (in percent). Be warned that if the position goes below the minimal collateral value, any user can have their position immediately liquidated
  • Press MINT
  • Enter your wallet password and confirm the transaction by pressing Submit
  • Done. mAsset launched!

Collateral ratio (C-ratio)

There exists a minimal C-ratio. It’s set by the community for each mAsset by creating polls and voting amongst MIR stakers. The safest C-ratio is the minimum + 50%.

When the position goes below the minimal collateral level, any user can liquidate their position immediately.


A mirrored stock of Tesla — mTSLA

1 mTSLA price = 670 UST

Minimal C-ratio — 150%

The user purchases 1 mTSLA and specifies a C-ratio of 200%, that means they have to pay 200% of the mirrored asset’s price, 670 x 2 = 1340 UST

The price of mTSLA rises to 800 UST, which means the user’s C-ratio has lowered to 1340 / 800 x 100% = 167.5%. This level of collateral is very close to the minimal value and the user should increase their collateral in UST or burn part of the mAsset to increase the C-ratio. Worst case scenario is that the position gets liquidated. You may increase your collateral volume at the My Page tab.

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