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My Page

The My Page tab is the primary page for all the main data: your assets, your minted mAssets, liquidity pool information for pools you’re a part of, your LP and MIR stakes and the transaction history


Your assets and all the information on them. From here you can quickly sell, buy or send them to another wallet address by pressing the three dots near the asset.

How do i send tokens to another address?

Press the three dots next to the asset you want to send and press Send

  • Choose a network
  • Select an asset (UST, MIR etc.)
  • Specify the amount of tokens to send
  • Press SEND
  • Enter your wallet password and confirm the transaction by pressing Submit
  • Done. Tokens sent

The UST and MIR tokens, as well as several mAssets not only exist in the Terra ecosystem, but also on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, that’s why they can be sent to another blockchain straight from the Mirror app.


These are your minted mAssets that you provided a deposit for. This is an important tab, as here you’ll be monitoring the collateral ratio of mirrored assets and keep them from hitting the minimal value by increasing the UST collateral in a timely manner. By pressing on the three dots you can lower the collateral (if the ratio allows it) or add collateral (if the ratio is dangerously low). You can also close the position and return the UST collateral (the mAsset will burn). You’ll pay a fee for this, which will be distributed amongst MIR stakers.



These are your LP stakes. Here you’ll see all the main information and have the ability to quickly add more liquidity to a pool, remove liquidity or to send LP tokens to stake.



These are your LP stakes and your MIR governance token stakes. MIR governance tokens are automatically restaked. LP tokens allow you to get rewards in MIR that save up until you claim them by pressing the Claim button. From this tab you can also quickly send available tokens to stake or perform an unbond. If you have multiple stakes bringing you MIR rewards, you can claim all of them at once by pressing CLAIM ALL REWARDS at the top right.


Transaction History

This is your Mirror transaction history. By clicking on any of them, you can view transaction details on the Terra blockchain management tool — Terra Finder.


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